Beginners on the reformer

Trying anything new can be daunting, especially when the piece of equipment you are required to climb onto resembles some sort of torture apparatus.  
The Pilates reformer is just that, an odd looking bed, on rollers, with leather straps, ropes and pulley's. But this funny looking machine is a) easy to use,      
b) safe for beginners right through to extreme athletes, c) incredibly effective.
 Pilates has helped many people improve their posture, flexibility, stamina and strength. It has been used to reduce back and neck pain and as a form of rehabilitation following injury.
The pilates reformer is a resistance machine, with its straps, springs and gears. The reformers finely tuneable resistance lets you set it up to suit your body perfectly, meaning that all the work you do on it will be extremely effective.
At Balance Pilates, you are required to complete a detailed pre exercise questionnaire stating your health history, injuries, past experience and what you would like to achieve. This information allows us to design an exercise program specifically for you. From here we have our first one on one pilates session and start to work towards your goals.
Depending on time and finances, often clients will begin with Private Pilates sessions and once they are feeling confident they will pair up with a friend and start to do Duet classes or semi private classes - a great way to save money, keep motivated and have fun. See Pairing up for Duets for more information. 
Group Classes are an option many people like to progress to, its more affordable and means you can come several times a week and there are lots of times to choose from! 
If you have any questions about trying Pilates for the first time, please contact us directly - see Contact Us. 

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