One on One Initial Introduction

At Balance Pilates Cashmere, everyone is required

to begin their Reformer journey with a

One on One Initial Introduction. 

During your One on One Initial Assessment, we teach you the Principles of Pilates and we teach you how to use the Reformer safely and with confidence. We look at your past and current health and fitness, we look at your goals and what you would like to achieve and then design a programme specifically for you.


You may want to tone up, trim down, increase overall strength, rehabilitate an injury, train for a sporting event or just general health and wellbeing, we will look at this and manage you on the road to achieve your goals. You may choose to continue with Private Reformer Classes, find a partner for Reformer Duet Classes or join one of our Group Classes.

Private Classes

Private Reformer Class

In a Private Reformer Class, you would have completed your One on One Initial Introduction with your Pilates Specialist and they would have designed a programme specifically for you to work towards achieving your specific goals. 


Whether this be to tone up, gain stability or strength, increase flexibility, rehabilitate an injury or train for a sporting event or just general health and well being. 

You may be a regular client who wants to perfect their performance, this Private classes are here for you too. 

Private sessions give you that one on one support and motivation to guide you to achieve your goals.


Semi Private (Duet or Trio) Reformer Class

Keep motivated and book a Semi Private Reformer Class with a friend, partner or colleague, achieve your goals together and have fun too!


Please note that you both will need to have completed your One on One Initial Introduction to begin, this is to teach you the basic principles of Pilates, teach you how to use the Pilates Reformer machine safely and with confidence and so our Pilates Specialist can assess you and your specific goals.

To book a Private Session with one of our team 

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