Bronwyn Beck

Here is our fearless leader, Bronwyn Beck, the founder of Balance Pilates and a qualified STOTT Pilates Instructor.


Bronwyn has always been passionate about movement/mindful movement, working in the Health and Fitness industry since she was 17 years old, discovering Pilates and its benefits in 2003 and deciding to embark on her Pilates teacher training in 2006.

Bronwyn is inspired by watching her clients achieve and master movements, gain strength, alleviate pain, recover from injuries and precise their daily movement patterns. And these are just the physical benefits, preaching and instilling into her clients the mind/body benefits too.


Bronwyn loves being surrounded, in such a diverse team of teachers and loves seeing them grow and thrive and the positive energy the studio holds.  


Bronwyn lives with her husband Andy, her five year old son Oliver and her two 15 year old step sons Matt and Dan, she loves to keep active, walking her dog Poppy, does Yoga regularly and as a family, they enjoy the beach in summer

and ski in winter.

Natalie Macrides-Pantos

Introducing Natalie Macrides-Pantos, Nat traded the caffeine rush of high-end advertising campaigns for a rush of another kind. PILATES! Putting her ‘Save the World’ ad portfolio aside and discovering the profound self-awareness and self-mastery that came from being fully present in the body and its power, and helping others experience this. 

"After the pace of the ad industry, the Pilates ideology took a front row seat for me. That was 18 years ago, to my surprise, and I have been in the fitness/wellness industry ever since". 


Natalie completed her certification to teach Pilates in 2003 and has a long list of qualifications that complement her BASI Pilates training, including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology and Ashtanga Yoga.


Natalie is inspired by her Faith. her family. her clients. Simple truths. Kindness. Gratitude. Continuing through adversity. She is inspired by making a difference in someone's life, or day, even if it is a shared smile or giggle. You will find all of this in Nat’s classes. 


For Natalie, Pilates is a dance. A sequence of movements with a beginning and an end, creating one experience at a time. And there are many songs. How you choose to dance it, is up to you.  


Sarah is an experienced, and dedicated UK-trained Osteopath who treats both humans and animals.

With over 20 years of experience, she is a passionate lecturer and practitioner, who displays a high level of commitment to her clients and delivers quality care for the entire family.

Her sense of adventure and zest for life contribute to the empathy and enthusiasm she demonstrates in teaching and treating her human and animal patients. 

Sarah came to NZ for a year, which saw her wanting to stay as it combined everything she loved in seeking adventure & the outdoors. 

Having been a high level competitive athlete since a teenager, rehabilitation has been part of her life & she inspires all to accept it too. As our lives change, in what we seek & ask from our bodies so we need to nurture, empower, and strengthen our bodies.

Pilates has been a passion, necessity & part of her life for years. Her passion, understanding of the human body, & the desire to empower clients to be part of their recovery/fitness pathway saw her seek out training in what is just part of her life. She was given that opportunity last year to do the BASI Pilates comprehensive training. 

As a dedicated team player, to be part of the Balance Pilates Team, which holds all the aspects of her own osteopathic practice, of integrity, empathy, enthusiasm and highest standard of service & care. It is an honor to join them, to provide bespoke, highly committed, quality care for your entire family in the studio.

Sarah Wisson

Michelle has been a Physio for over 20 years, qualifying in 1998 from the University of Otago.  She completed a Master’s Degree in Anatomy & Structural Biology before her Physiotherapy degree. 


Michelle has completed post-graduate training in Manipulative therapy, Acupuncture and Pilates. 

She has been a Polestar Certified Clinical Rehabilitation

Pilates Instructor since 2012, 

finishing her training in Perth, Australia. 


Michelle enjoys teaching on a variety of equipment,

especially the reformer. She is passionate about using Pilates as a rehab tool to develop strength and flexibility,

especially aiding return to activity after injury. 


Returning to Christchurch after several years away in Perth and Auckland with her husband, two teenage sons, cat and chocolate lab, she also works part-time as a

Physiotherapist at Active Health.

Michelle Ongley


Let me introduce you to Mrs Stephanie Hadley (nee Melbourne) our Barre and Reformer Pilates instructor and Pre and Post Natal fitness specialist. Stephanie has been teaching dance and group fitness for over 17 years. She has an extensive performance background in Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre. While studying for her law and arts degree, Stephanie took up group fitness instructing part-time, moving on to Pilates and Barre when working and living in  Melbourne, which she found complimented her foundations in dance

Stephanie is a REPS registered exercise professional in Group Fitness, a certified instructor of The BootyBarre®,  KONGA®, and Studio Pilates International®, and a certified Pre and Post Natal Coach with Girls Gone Strong®.    


Outside of the studio, Stephanie is mum to two young girls, Maria and Grace and even more energetic GSP/Hungarian Vizsla dog Mack and wife to James. 

She is also an Associate at James & Wells Intellectual Property and loves how dance fitness allows her to balance out her busy days in the office and at home. 


Stephanie favourite inspirational quote is from Oscar Wilde "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" 

Stephanie has a passion for dance and fitness and combines these worlds to provide a unique experience to the classes and programmes she provides. In particular, Stephanie aims to educate pre and post natal clients on the benefits of exercising safely and effectively during pregnancy and postpartum through dance fitness and pilates.  

Stephanie Hadley

Meet the lovely Julia Mckerrow, Julia teaches the Barre Warrior Program at Balance Pilates.

Julia is an RAD classically trained dancer and has been working professionally as a freelance Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer for the last 18 years. 

She is a highly experienced movement tutor, who trains

full-time pre-tertiary dancers, professional artists and Secondary school students in Contemporary Dance, Choreography and Somatic Movement practice. 


Julia and her husband are both from Ōtautahi and love summer in the city, hosting woodfired pizza nights, getting away for camping trips, beach visits and walking the Abel Tasman. 


Julia believes we can all learn to move better and continue to gain strength and flexibility with improved body awareness, through a regular self-care movement practice. It also really helps to have fun and enjoy moving to great music in such a positive and beautiful environment! 


Julia loves being able to give individual feedback and encouragement, she thrives off getting to know new clients and helping them develop and reach their personal goals. Julia is passionate about the Barre Warrior programme and seeing the quick results clients gain through its high-intensity pace, alongside the development of strength and flexibility through the classical technique. 

Julia Mckerrow


Amber is passionate about teaching functional body movement and helping people to achieve optimum strength, mobility and flexibility. Amber has been teaching dance, Mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre for over 10 years and has recently gained her Pilates Reformer Teacher Training certificate. 


Her passion for dance emerged at the age of 4, an undergraduate degree in Contemporary Dance led Amber to a master's degree in Fine Arts in Vienna, with a minor in Performative Arts. During this time, a professional career in dance and choreography emerged, where she spent over 10 years performing, choreographing and teaching in Europe. On returning to New Zealand, Amber undertook a Postgraduate degree in Choreography, which led her to developing the Barre Program - Barre Warrior.


Amber is the Founder of the Barre Warrior Program, of which both her and Julia will be teaching at Balance Pilates. We welcome Amber’s passion and enthusiasm to the team and if you have an interest in dance/movement or just want to give Barre Warrior a go, please jump on board. 

Amber Stephens

Say hello to Georgina Fulton - Mat Pilates instructor in training. Yoga and Pilates have always been an important part of Georgie’s life and a way to complement endurance sports and running. Georgina started practicing Pilates at the start of 2019, as a way to rehabilitate and incorporate safe movement into her life after a brain and whiplash Injury, from a bad car accident.


Georgie had been practicing Pilates in Sydney as a way to recover and when she returned back to Christchurch she started practicing at Balance Pilates. Georgina recalls “I practiced lots at Balance Pilates and I absolutely loved all the teacher’s styles, as well as the sense of community the studio has created on the hill! Near the end of the year I decided to take my love of Pilates a step further and complete my teachers training.” 

Georgina has studied environmental science and sociology. In her spare time she loves to get out into nature for a walk or bike ride, read a good book, cook healthy yummy food for the people she loves and spend lots of time with friends and family who are all super dooper important to her.

Currently what is inspiring Georgina is all the amazing people she is surrounded by.

 Georgina has a mindful approach to Pilates, with a strong focus on correct breathing and core activation in her classes. She thinks connecting to your core helps you to feel stronger and more self aware in all aspects of your life.

Georgina Fulton


This is Willem Horck, Matwork teacher in training.

Willem has been with Balance Pilates since the start of

last year. Prior to that, Willem spent the last six years in Melbourne perusing a career in dance.


Willem has graduated from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance with a Diploma of dance. Last year Willem completed the STOTT Pilates Matwork Course and is

working towards becoming a qualified Matwork instructor.

Willem is also the designer of his own brand, 

 Willem Worldwide, creating ready to wear and stage garments for performers such as Kelsey Lu and

The Veronica’s.  

Willem is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming environment for all clients. Creating time for them to take time out, breathe, stretch and strengthen and help them work

towards achieving their fitness goals.

Willem's favourite inspiration quote:


“Your value is internal.” Lauryn Hill

Willem Horck