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"Thank you for looking to start your Pilates journey with us, at Balance Pilates Cashmere.

At Balance Pilates we love the Pilates Reformer machine and we know that Pilates will change your life. like it has changed ours.

Pilates helps increase strength, stability and endurance, it helps increase flexibility, supports balance, challenges your coordination, whilst often using both the left and the right sides of the brain, 

The goal with pilates is to get your body moving properly, to achieve balance and encourage good movement patterns.

Our fabulous team will welcome you, and work closely with you, so that you achieve your goals,

We know that Pilates will change your life for the better,

both physically and mentally and

we cant wait to have you join us". 

- Bronwyn

Your first class

First off, you are to complete a Pre Exercise Questionnaire, this will be emailed to you before your first appointment. 


Everyone who begins at Balance Pilates Cashmere is required to complete a One on One Initial Introduction.

This is so we can learn about your past and present health and fitness, look at any injuries and your specific goals, we teach you the Basic Principles of Pilates, we teach you how to use the reformer safely and with confidence, and we design a program specifically for you, to re-balance your body, and get you back on track to feeling and looking fabulous, inside and out. 

After your One on One Initial Introduction, you may choose to continue doing Private Pilates classes with your Pilates Specialist, you may choose to train with a friend and attend Duets/Semi Private classes, or you may choose to join our Group Reformer classes, together with your teacher, you

will decide on the best path forward

for you and your body. 


What to bring

Comfortable fitted activewear that you can move freely in.


Socks must be worn at all times in the studio, preferably grip socks to ensure your safety on the equipment.

These socks are available for purchase in studio.


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