Prenatal Reformer Pilates

7 Week Course

Our Prenatal Pilates Reformer - 7 week Course, is for mummas-to-be, in either the 1st or 2nd trimester. 

We will take you on a journey to help you better cope

with the physical and emotional aspects of your pregnancy, learning how to adapt with the changes in the pre-natal body. 

Learn the Basic Principles of Pilates, how to Breathe more efficiently, to strengthen your mind-body connection, while working on your balance, flexibility, strength and stability, all while having fun with other likeminded mummas-to-be. 


What are the benefits?
• Improved strength of the core and pelvic floor
• Maintain mobility and a safe range of movement
• More energy
• Better body awareness (mind/body connection)
• Improved posture
• Help in preventing or reducing pelvic and lower back pain
• Have fun and meet likeminded mummas-to-be


Suitable for ladies who are Prenatal and in their 1st or 2nd Trimester, if you are in your 3rd Trimester and interested

in starting Pilates, please contact us to discuss. 

Please note that this is a 7 week course,

beginning Tuesday 8th February at 7pm (weekly),

with the last session being on Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

If classes are missed they can not be redeemable for any

other service, as this class is designed for the

prenatal mum and for weekly progression.

Course 4


To sign up go to MORE on the menu bar, click PRICES

and then scroll down to Prenatal Pilates Reformer 

7 Week Course.  

Note: Make sure you have been cleared to exercise, by your doctor or lead maternity carer, before booking in. 


Post Natal Reformer Pilates

8 Week Course

Get your body moving Postpartum, this class is designed

for ladies rehabilitating postpartum and who want to

workout in a safe and supportive environment.

And babes can come too, regain strength postpartum, have some time out and feel fabulous! 

What are the benefits?

  • Reconnect with your Pilates Breath, helping to strengthening your core and your Pelvic Floor

  • Improve your posture, strengthen your back and open your chest, which is probably tight from nursing baby

  • Tone and strengthen the inner thighs and glutes,          to support your pelvis

  •  Help in preventing or reducing pelvic and lower back pain

  • More energy

  • Do something for yourself, breathe, strengthen,    stabilise, and connect with other mums in a safe and fun environment.

  • Bonding time for you and your bub

Starts Thursday 3rd February at 11.30am

for 8 consecutive weeks,

finishing on Thursday 24th March 2022. 

Course 2


To sign up, go to More tab, Prices and scan down to

Prenatal Reformer Pilates 8 wk course.

Please note that if you have not done Reformer Pilates before you will need to book a One on One Initial Assessment

with a Pilates Specialist.