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Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy

and Colour Light Therapy

What is red light therapy?

Red Light Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the body. These wavelengths cannot be felt and do not
generate any heat upon exposure. Red light therapy stimulates your body’s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
which is a key element in cellular regeneration. The stimulation of ATP greatly enhances cell functioning and health, and results
in numerous healing benefits for the body.



We are holding a little High Tea, Thursday 25th July at 1pm

at Balance Pilates Cashmere.

This High Tea is for all of the beautiful mamas and

moms-to-be who have attended any of our Prenatal and Postpartum Courses,  from our very first course in 2020 to now, and our up and coming courses in August -

we welcome everyone.

Come for a slice of cake and cup of tea, on your own, with bubs, or bring a friend who has been thinking about coming to the studio. Don't be shy if you are on your won, come anyway, be brave. (0:

What to expect;

 - Cakes and tea

 - A casual chat with our friends at Liberty Pelvic Health

 - Connection with other amazing ladies

Please RSVP to

Prenatal Reformer Pilates 
- 7 Week Course - 

Our 7-week Prenatal Pilates Reformer Course is for mums in either the first or second trimester. 

We will take you on a journey to help you better cope

with the physical and emotional aspects of your pregnancy, learning how to adapt to the changes in the pre-natal body. 

Learn the basic principles of Pilates - how to breathe efficiently, and how to strengthen your mind-body connection while working on your balance, flexibility, strength, and stability. All while having fun with other like-minded mummies!​

Suitable for ladies who are prenatal and in their 1st or 2nd trimester. If you are in your 3rd trimester and interested in starting Pilates, please contact us to discuss. 

The next 7-week course starts on Tuesday 13th August 2024 and runs weekly until

Tuesday 24th September.

Postpartum Reformer Pilates 
- 8 Week Course - 

Get your body moving Postpartum, this class is designed

for ladies rehabilitating postpartum and who want to

workout in a safe and supportive environment.

And babes can come too, regain strength postpartum, have some time out and feel fabulous! 

What are the benefits?

  • Reconnect with your Pilates Breath, helping to strengthening your core and your Pelvic Floor

  • Improve your posture, strengthen your back and open your chest, which is probably tight from nursing baby

  • Tone and strengthen the inner thighs and glutes,          to support your pelvis

  •  Help in preventing or reducing pelvic and lower back pain

  • More energy

  • Do something for yourself, breathe, strengthen,    stabilise, and connect with other mums in a safe and fun environment.


Course starts on Thursday 8th August 2024, running till 

Thursday 26th September.


Kinesiology for Wellbeing Workshop

Saturday 24th August 1pm - 5pm

Kinesiology means ‘the study of movement’. The term is also used by complementary medicine practitioners to describe a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback) to look at what may be causing ‘imbalances’ in the body and attempts to relieve these imbalances.

The kinesiology approach examines ‘unresolved stress reactions’ in a person and provides techniques intended to help the body’s natural healing process.

Kinesiology stems from chiropractice and applied kinesiology. It is also based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture theory of chi energy. Unlike applied kinesiology, where muscles are tested for strength, the more recently developed forms of kinesiology use muscle monitoring as a form of biofeedback to the subject. 

Terese Mudgway from Australia will present this special workshop, to help you learn tools to bio-hack your body and subconscious mind, and begin to understand and optimise your health, happiness and wellbeing. You will walk away with simple tools and techniques you can integrate into your everyday life and share with friends and family.

We are committed to the balance and welfare of the ‘whole ‘being and empowering individuals to take charge of the experience of their own life. Through educating and understanding some simple science/quantum physics and eastern medical philosophies, in conjunction with some easy

kinesiological tools, you will have access to elevating your energetic body, your perception of what is possible and a myriad of concepts which we hope will shift the lens through which you view of how you can support your body, mind and soul to live an optimal life.

We will share this incredible modality with you from a

heartfelt intention of contribution, self-empowerment,

passion, infinite possibility and put the ownership of your

own health and longevity back in your hands.

If you would like to find out more talk to Bronwyn, at Balance Pilates or contact Terese herself on the email below.

This workshop is not to be missed.

Sign up on the link below, limited spaces available. 

5th Birthday Celebrations

You are invited to join us

for our 5th Birthday Celebrations on

Friday 30th August from 5.30pm

We are celebrating 5 years of Pilates at the old Masonic Lodge on the Hill.

(8 years for Balance Pilates!!), and we think this is worth celebrating.

Come and join the Balance Pilates team, for a glass of bubbles or a beer on

Friday 30th August from 5.30pm at the studio.

Expect on the night;

Pilates demonstration

Givaways and Door prizes

Special offers on the night for you and for your friends

Talk by our partners Liberty Pelvic Health &

Katrina Buchanan Nutrition


RSVP to​​

... we cant run out of bubbles!


Lara Briden Talk

We welcome Lara Briden Naturopath, back to the studio

for a talk on her new book;



Thursday 5th September at 5.30pm

Author of both best sellers,

The Period Repair Manual

The Hormone Repair Manual

  Women's health expert Lara Briden, believes that weight gain is primarily the symptom of metabolic dysfunction, not the cause. And if you have metabolic dysfunction, it is because something is amiss with your brains regulatory mechanism,

not your willpower. 


With in-depth knowledge, clinical experience and compassion, Lara Briden guides us through our metabolic and mindset challenges.' Dr Libby Weaver

'This book is a must for women everywhere. Dr Stacy Sims Lara


Briden effortlessly untangles one of the most complex and (often) shame-laden aspects of women's health.

The metabolism repair resource I've been waiting for.

Dr Karen Faisandier

Tickets $25, limited numbers, will go on sale in August.

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